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OpenVPN Android

Are you Android user and facing problem in opening some sites? Your country has limitations on such sites that you want to open? LOOK NO MORE! This is the right place for you to get VPN that will assist you in this regard. With the help of newest android version 4.0, you don’t need to worry about rooting for you to use OpenVPN on your android device. This is because of many options which this wonderful android version is made of. More so, those that are using android 4.x can easily enjoy free OpenVPN application on their device due to the availability of free OpenVPN app for android 4.x on the internet. OpenVPN is an open source software application that utilizes VPN technique in creating connection from one site to another via a bridged or routed setup as well as remote access facilities. Simply by searching through the internet, you can easily see lots of openvpn android reviews from different experts lie WASEL Pro and others. So, if you want to enjoy OpenVPN network connection with your android device all you just need is to search online for iWASEL reviews.

VPN Setup Openvpn Android the Easier Way

In your bid to effectively configure OpenVPN on your android device, all you just need is to get the latest Android 4.0 and the entire process needed for vpn setup openvpn android will be a breeze. This is because with the help of iWASEL VPN app all you just need is to import the zip file which will be sent to you by the company together with detail of your account which will include your password and your username when you make your payment. Immediately you download the iWASEL app, you will just have your configuration done automatically. But if you are still using lower version of android like 2.1 or lower, but are rooted android-based device, you will need to follow some steps.

Steps To Configure Openvpn on Your Android Device

  • Register for the WASEL Pro OpenVPN app for Android for you to choose your payment option for your account data, such as your username and password.

  • Download WASEL Pro OpenVPN from Google play market on the internet.

  • Follow the easy installation steps.

  • Tap the Sign in key icon.

register to wasel pro

  • Then insert your WASEL Pro account data, such as your username and password and click login.

  • Click at the WASEL Pro logo on the left to go back to the main window.

connect to Wasel Pro

  • Tap Connect and enjoy OpenVPN in your Android device.

connect to wasel pro service

Indeed, simply by following the above listed steps, you will be able to fix vpn for android on openvpn client. But, it will be easier for you to install and configure VPN on your device if you have android version 4.0 or 4.x as everything has been programmed to run automatically.

The Importance of OpenVPN on Your Android Device

There are lots of advantages you will stand to gain when you have OpenVPN configured in your android device. Some of the advantages include; easy to access some blocked website, easy to access some website outside your country or state like those in Dubai can easily access BBC or other internet information. It helps peer to peer to authenticate each other through pre-shared secret key, certificates or password and username. In fact, there are enormous benefits you will stand to gain if you have openvpn configured in your android or other device.